The line, “The Blend is the Magic” was meant to celebrate all the different ways in which we celebrate the holidays while making a nod to the Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee, which is delicious.

I’m so happy with this. You might even say I poured my heart into it. (wink)

holiday drinks.png


role // lead copywriter

contributions // If there were words, I was writing them: manifestos, taglines (yes, there were two) and in-store signage. One of my taglines even ended up on the end card for our TV spots. I also lead cross-functional concepting sessions and developed new processes to make writer/designer collaboration smoother and more productive.

highlights // My main highlight was definitely walking into a store after we launched, and seeing the copy that I wrote on the doors: “We’re at our best when we’re together.” I really believe in this statement, and I hope it made somebody feel a little more loved.